4 – Chatter has it

The Merriam-Webster defines it well:

Chatter – noun

1: the action or sound of chattering

2: idle talk : PRATTLE

3: electronic and especially radio communication between individuals engaged in a common or related form of activity, also : such chatter regarding future hostile activities

4: a person who participates in online chat

thumb drive

About two weeks after Erica’s meeting with Alejandro and Osito, Professor H. finishes up his report on all the chatter on El Triple Seis.  Seems a certain Russian mobster, Ludwig Ivankov, was looking for a delivery of a thumb-drive.

Erica is very familiar with Ivankov. A few years ago they met. The two had an affair and he also helped her with finding an Arab journalist who was staying at a hotel in Russia.  It was her task to assassinate him. She did as far as the Arabs knew. The journalist, however, is happy and alive, growing pumpkins on a farm he now owns in North Dakota.

Immediately after receiving the report Erica books a flight out of Mexico City to  Sheremetyevo International Airport, in Moscow, Russia.

Once she checks into the Radisson Royal Hotel right in Moscow and sends a text.

“Hey, I’m at the Royal – in room 269.  I need a dinner guest.”

A bubble with … in moments later

“Wow, I was thinking about you.  I fucking swear. Be there in about an hour.”

Erica smiles.  It’ll give her enough time to take a shower and put on his favorite.

About an hour and half later there is a call on Erica’s room phone.  The operator was advising her of a guest. She tells them to allow him up.  

He must have sprinted up the stairs because it was only moments later he was knocking on her door.

Erica looks through the peephole and sees Ivankov.  He looked as badass as ever. Her pussy begins to throb.

The door slowly opens with pretty little fingers and nails.  Red and sharp, just the way he likes them.

The door opens all of the way but no one is there, so he lets himself in.  The door closes behind him and he turns to behold a naked Erica. Well, mostly naked, as she is wearing a pair of red-velvet stilettos and a diamond clustered anklet.

Ivankov takes off his jacket and throws it on the floor and walks towards her.  She takes a few hops and jumps on him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Erica digs her nails into his scalp as they kiss.  They kiss like lovers who haven’t seen each other in too long.  

After walking into the suite’s bedroom they lay on the king size bed for a while touching and kissing it isn’t long before Ivankov is naked and feeling the inside of her warm body.

No words are needed, their bodies did all of the talking and making up for lost time.

After they both enjoy a few orgasms they take a breather and ask each other how they are, and catch up on where they’ve been and who’ve they have assassinated.  

He finally asks her, “Did you miss me this much or are you on a job?”  

“You can say both. However, you must promise me something.”  Erica says to him.

“Oh, boy here comes the catch.”  Ivankov responds then pressing his lips onto hers, looking for her tongue.

After more tonsil hockey, she says to him, “I have a thumb-drive for you.”

Ivankov looks down at her flushed face, he smiles adoringly at her hoping it’s the thumb-drive he’s been waiting for…”Oh yea? What kind of thumb drive?”  He asks taking his hard shaft and slowing pushing it into Erica’s wet and swollen tunnel. He bites her neck.

Erica digs her sharp nails into his back, pulling him into her deep and says, “The one with the schematics.”  

Hearing this makes him fuck her deep and hard, throwing her around onto her stomach to slap her ass, then fuck her from behind.

“Yes, yes!”  Erica yells as she clenches the sheets feeling his balls slap against her clit.

“Face down, ass up…that’s the way we like to fuck.”  Ivankov says to Erica quoting a song they used to sing and laugh about. Sounds funny in a Russian accent.

So after a night of sucking, fucking and a little bit of singing they  sleep well and awake to a sunny day.

“Good morning, beautiful.”  Ivankov says to Erica.

“Good morning, handsome.” Erica replies.

The bed cover over Ivankov raises.  Erica laughs and orders breakfast.

They keep themselves busy until breakfast arrives and as they eat Erica pulls a thumb-drive out of Ivankov’s ear.  “Something you expected but didn’t get from Tomas.”

Delighted by the trick he says to her, “Oh I fucking love when you pull thing out of my ear!”  He says to her taking the thumb-drive and kissing it.

“ Oh I’ve missed you, Erica. I miss your pretty smile and silliness so much.”  Ivankov says to her as a piece of egg spit out of his mouth and onto her cheek.

“Oh my.” He says to her taking the egg off of her cheek and putting into his mouth.  “It’s so much sweeter now.”

“So how long are you here for, my silly?” Ivankov asks.

“I’m only supposed to drop this off to you.  However, those who have my paycheck don’t know I’m here yet, so I have a couple of days.” Erica says to him.

“Well then let’s make the best of your visit! We never did anything we wanted to do when you were here last time.  Let’s do them finally. Like the Fine Arts Museum you wanted to go to. Let me take you there today.” Ivankov says to her with excitement knowing she’ll be there a few days now.

“Yes, I would like that.”  Erica answers him with a smile.

A couple of days turns into a week when Erica decides it is time to get back to Mexico.  After a passionate farewell, Erica leaves Russia. When she lands in Mexico City she calls Osito and tells him she met with Ivankov, handed over the thumb-drive and she now has $4 million in a secure account awaiting transfer instructions.  

“You are always full of fucking surprises, Erica.” Osito tells her.  It makes him like her more. “Let’s meet tonight. I’ll pick you up and we’ll go to dinner.  Sound good?” Osito asks crossing the fingers on his free hand.

“Yea, that sounds great!” Erica replies in a chipper voice.  She was feeling mighty refreshed after her visit with Ivankov.  He is never a disappointment. She also walked a bit differently after passionate visits with her big boy.

Erica is happy to be home and takes a long bath.  As she soaks she calls James.

“Professor H! All is delivered.”  She tells James.

James says to her, “Yes, we heard all the delivering the two of you made.  Draw back to the moler-mic in your jaw.”

“Oh yea, well. After the delivery the altered schematics and the virus should be in the hands of the Kremlin by now.”  Erica tells James.

Suddenly she feels guilty for screwing over Ivankov.  She enjoyed him even though he was a ruthless killer.

“How did El Jefe take the news?”  James asks her with a sarcastic, but funny, tone.

“I have dinner with Osito tonight.  I have a good feeling I will hear about it.”  Erica answers.

“As do I.  Keep up the good work, girly.”  James says to her as they end their call.

Erica continues to enjoy her soak until it’s time to get dressed and ready for dinner with Osito.  

5 – They Come in Red and Blue

In a pair of jeans, plain black t-shirt, black Pro-Ked sneakers, and her hair up in a ponytail, Erica jumps into her Jeep and enters the address to Wendlandt, a micro-brewery along the West Coast of Baja California, Mexico, into her phone’s GPS.  

It would take about an hour and forty minutes to get there from her flat so she lights up a big, fat joint for the ride.

Meanwhile, Osito and Alejandro are already at the brewery with two other gentlemen,  Pedro González, who is the Port Chief at the Port Authority of Ensenda and his brother-in-law, Martin Lopez.  Martin is the Container Loader/Discharging Manager of the Ensenada International Terminal.

Alejandro slides a fat business envelope across the table to González and says to him, “This is what you requested and a quarter more as a sign-on bonus.”

González, a very overweight man, slides his fat hand over to take the envelope and place it into the inside pocket of his wrinkled suit jacket.  He grins creating a third chin, somewhere was his neck, and the man loosens his tie to say, “I believe our arrangement will benefit both of us, and I look forward to working with you.”

His eager brother-in-law, Lopez, who is almost as large as González, looks at Alejandro and smiles.  There is pesto in his teeth and Osito is distracted by it. Lopez runs his tongue over his teeth then tells the brothers, “We have a special place set up for your crates.  The crates the size you have requested come in blue and red.”

Osito no longer distracted chimes in, “Great. I may need a dozen smaller crates, too, in the near future.”

The men finish their discussion of crates, location, and scheduling and they end their meeting with a toast.

The large men leave, Alejandro pays the bill, and then brothers head to the men’s room to make room for more drinks.

Whilst the men make room, Erica walks into the Brewery.  She doesn’t see them anywhere so she walks up to the bar and orders the beer of the day and shot of bourbon.

Alejandro and Osito walk out of the men’s room and see Erica swallowing the shot, licking her lips afterward.  Both of them felt a stir in their slacks.

They try to out-walk each other toward her.

“First.” Alejandro says to Osito as he gets there first.  Erica looks at them puzzled.

“What poison was that?” Alejandro asks her.

“Bourbon.”  She answers him using a napkin to dab the sides of her mouth.  

“So I delivered the thumb-drive.”  Erica hands him an envelope.

Taking the envelope Alejandro asks her what it is and she says to him, “It’s an offshore bank account. I transferred it all to the account number you gave me.  I changed the password to the original account so that you can verify the how much was in it and how much was transferred.” Erica answers him.

The bartender walks up to the gentlemen and asks if they would like a drink.

“We’ll take a private table and a bottle of your best bourbon.” Alejandro tells him.  Then he extends his elbow for Erica to take and walk with him to the table. Osito followed feeling a bit of jealousy.

After being seated in a private seating area Alejandro asks Erica.  “Is this where you’ve been?”

“Yes, sir.”  Erica responds giving him no further information.

Alejandro didn’t ask anything further, he didn’t care.

The waiter comes over to Alejandro with a bottle of Van Winkle Special Reserve, which was their best of their bourbon inventory.  Alejandro nods in approval and the waiter walks away to open the bottle and bring back glasses and menus.

Alejandro hands the envelope to Osito who opens up his laptop.  After a few keystrokes he opens up the account. “Not too shabby.”

There it was, 75 million US dollars.

He had a split screen going, so he also saw exactly 75 million deposited into the first account a little over a week ago.  Then deposited into the other account Alejandro provided her, a day later. The money went through two offshore accounts so far.

Osito looks up at Erica.  They make eye contact then he says to Alejandro, “Here.” Pushing the laptop his brother’s way.

Alejandro looks at the financial data.  Osito is still looking at Erica. She cracks a small smile, he returns the smile.

Alejandro does a few things on the laptop, transferring the 75 million into a bunch of other accounts, then asks Erica if she has a bank account.  

“Yes.”  She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a routing slip.

So with a few more taps at the keyboard, Alejandro finishes up then closes the laptop.

The waiter comes back with glasses gilded in gold, filtered ice cubes and the bottle of Van Winkle and pours each of them some.

Alejandro raises his glass, with Osito and Erica following him, and he says, “To you, Erica.  This is to you, for your efforts, for your contacts, for your mind. And finally, I hope continued fruitful endeavors.”

The clink glasses and sip.  Well, the brothers take a sip, Erica drinks all of hers.  After all it was only one finger deep and the waiter’s hand were petite.

Suddenly her phone buzzes.  Erica looks and sees one million dollars deposited into her account.  She has a mini orgasm and then looks up at Alejandro.

He smiles and nods. Then drinks up.  Alejandro advises them, “Well, I have work to do.  So why don’t you fill Erica in on the security situation.”

“Sure thing, Hermono.” Osito replies to his brother.

Alejandro leaves and Osito and Erica are alone.  

Erica asks him, “Is there a security issue?”

“Na, just an opening.  Here’s the thing, we have several routes of getting shit over the border, one of them is via ship.  The guy in charge of overseeing the security is retiring…he has dementia.” Osito tells her. “We feel you would be best to handle things at the dock for a time.  How are you with water?”

You can tell by the look on Erica’s face she was more than fine with water. “I’ve maneuvered through the tightest in a command boat in the Navy, hon.”  She advises him. This was just one of the modes of transportation Erica could “maneuver” from the Navy.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Osito says to her in disbelief.

Erica pulls up a YouTube video on her cell phone and hands it to Osito.  Sure enough, there she was, albeit a bit younger.

Osito says to her, “I didn’t know you were in the Navy, Erica.”

Yea, an Officer, but I don’t like to talk about it.  However, it’s served me quite well.” Erica tells him as she cracks a side smile.

“Well, well then.  It seems I need to get to know you more.”  Osito said matter-of-factly. Then he asks her, “So, want the job?”

“Oh hell fucking yes!”  Erica says to him raising that hand up looking for a high-five from Osito, which he’s happy to provide.

“This is great! We will plan a field trip for tomorrow. In the meantime I think a little celebration is called for.” Osito says to her hoping she was up for a two-person celebration.

She was.

The next morning a cell phone rings.  Erica wakes up and finds herself on top of Osito in a puddle of her own drool.

She wipes her mouth, laughs, and looks for the cell phone.  It’s not hers.

Erica begins to plan kisses on Osito’s neck, down to his belly, and then further which  wakes him up.

Osito lifts his head from the pillow to look under the covers.  He sees her, smiles then places his head back down onto his pillow and closes his eyes.

Shortly thereafter, wiping her mouth once again, she says to him, “Your phone rang.”

Erica climbs out from under the covers and heads to the liu. While in there she decides to take a quick shower.

As he jumps out of bed to get his phone he says, “Oh shit, what time is it?”

He put the phone to his ear and Alejandro answers.  He says to him, “Hermano.” And they have a conversation and Osito hangs up.

Erica comes out from the liu and Osito looks at her walking toward him.  She says, “I hope you don’t mind, I took a quick shower.”

Osito didn’t mind at all.  She was fine and He wanted more.

She walks over and begins to pick up her clothes to get dressed. However, Osito takes the clothes from her, dropping them back onto the floor. He then swoops her up into his arms and carries her to his California King where he throws her down.

“My turn. So, before you go home…” Osito says to her as he buries his face between her legs.

After getting home that morning Erica gets ready for the day.  At one PM, Alejandro and Osito will be picking her up from The Compound.

To be continued…