Part 3 – Swimmers

As the new leader of El Triple Seis, Tomas Espinoza, had a lot of catching up to do.  It’s been two weeks since Javier’s and Paula’s funerals, they’ve grieved, now it’s time to get back to work. So Javier calls for The Council of Six together right away.  They will meet at “The Hut.”

The Council of Six are six individuals responsible for making strategy for the gang, giving orders, appointing members and doing all the financial workings. The council of six has the final say on things and the main decision making power. “ The Hut” is what [they] call a small cinder block building in the middle of Bambuto where they hold their meetings.

Off in the near distance, on a tall hill scattered with brush, Erica drives up in a Jeep. On it, other than herself, is a parabolic microphone, a long, large metal case, a machete, an M16, and a make-up bag full of bullets.  She jumps out and begins with setting up the parabolic mic, then leans into the Jeep and pulls out the case. 

Erica gets comfortable and places a set of headphones on, keeping the sounds of nature out so she can listen in on the Sixers.  As she listens, Erica proceeds to remove the contents of that long, large metal case, which are the components to an RPG-7.  

As Erica is assembling her RPG, in the Hut the Council discusses their current affairs and the final topic is about the item they were hired to deliver to Ivankov.

Ludwig Ivankov, a notorious Russian mobster running errands for the Kremlin, and some oligarchs. This man is close to seven feet tall, muscular, with a tattoo of a large spider on his neck and a spider’s web on his bald head. He has a scar that runs from the middle of his eyebrow, over his eye, down to his chin. From this injury he wears an eye-patch. He is typically seen in a satin shirt, and his eye patches always match in color. He wears a heavy gold chain with a large gold Russian Orthodox cross. His large pinky finger dons a gold ring with a blood red ruby.  

So Ivankov was hired by the Kremlin to acquire a certain thumb-drive containing the schematics of a weaponized satellite. The thumb-drive was supplied to an informant to El Triple Seis who was given it by someone from the USA, who was not yet known.

“It was with Paula, she had it.” Says Marco, one of the Six. 

“So it’s gone, with my Paula, it’s gone.” Tomas gets up and punches the wall.  He quickly wishes he didn’t, it’s cement filled cinder block. “Fuck!” he yells wiping blood and cinder block from his knuckles.  He continues, “What do I tell Ivankov? He is expecting this thumb drive this weekend.”

Suddenly there is a swooping noise from outside and then a loud explosion a moment later. Erica watches the Hut blow up into small pieces, some of which is mixed with body parts. The plume of smoke is tall and dark. 

She places the RPG down onto the dirt and rocks to allow it to cool off.  Then hops onto her Jeep and rides down to the smoking and burning rubble.

Once there she begins to walk around and inspect the site looking for a souvenir.  After a few minutes she comes upon a piece of table that is rocking back and forth, as if it is balancing on something.  She removes the table and finds part of a torso, with one arm and half a blown off head. The head is Tomas’. His mouth is moving up and down, as are two of his fingers.  “Are you still alive? Holy shit.” Erica says to what’s left of him.

The eye that is still somewhat in his head rolls, looking for the voice.  The eye finds Erica holding a machete. She says, “Yea, you are going the same way you had many others go.”  

It took only one wack to detach his head.  The eye no longer looked alive.

After letting the head drip out any remaining blood, she throws it into a burlap bag. Then she reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out a joint. She lights it up then sits down on a nearby rock to smoke it.  The first puff from it make her cough but she pulls it together.

Ten or so minutes later and happy, Erica climbs back onto her Jeep to go back up to the RPG which has been cooling off.  After packing it up, and her mic, she makes a call to Osito.

“Yea, I took care of Tomas, and I have proof, a piece of him.”  Erica tells him, then proceeds to fill him in on the hut and The Council.

Osito says to her, “You have a piece of Tomas?  Wait, what? You fucking blew up the Council of Six and Tomas?”  Osito asks with disbelief and putting his cell phone on speaker.  Alejandro was with him.

Erica answers, “Yes.  The other six were a bonus. Just wanted to let you know the job was done, Sir.”  

“Erica, this is Alejandro.  Please meet us at The Compound, by the munitions warehouse.”  

“Yes, sir. I can be there in about an hour and half.”  Erica replies.

They end their call.  

So about two hours later Alejandro shows up with Osito at the warehouse in the Compound.  Erica is sitting on the stairs next to the burlap bag, elbows leaning on her knees, and she is chatting with one of the soldiers.  As soon as the two see the big black Cadillac SUV pull up, the soldier bids farewell to Erica and walks away.  

Osito steps out of the Cadi, then Alejandro.  Erica walks over with her bag to greet them with her hand extended. “Don’t worry, I washed them.”  She giggles. Osito returns the giggle which disturbs him.  

Alejandro looks at Osito with a squint wondering if his brother is a 14 year old girl, then turns to Erica and extends his hand.  “What do you have there?” He asks her.

Erica opens the bag for Alejandro and Osito to see what’s left of Tomas’ head.  Both men turn green and have the sudden dry heaves. “Oh, come on.” She says to them in a disappointed voice closing the bag.

“Let’s go inside the warehouse office.  But leave the head.” Alejandro says to them walking away shaking his head and waving his hand in the air.

As soon as they go in, Alejandro points to Erica and then to a bottle of hand sanitizer on a desk. 

“So tell me, Erica…what is it with you and chopping off body parts?” Alejandro asks her.

As she rubs the sanatizer into her hands she says to him, “Doing what they do, ya know, giving it back?” 

“Got it.  I’ll have to remember that.” Alejandro answers, then says, “I have one more thing for you to do.” 

“Sure, name it.”  Erica says to him.

“I need you to find the intended recipient of that thumb-drive.” Alejandro tells her believing it would be a long and difficult task unless she has connections.  This assignment should reveal much to him.

Without any hesitation Erica says to him, “ Ludwig Ivankov. He’s a big Russian Mobster. Does a lot of dirty deeds for oligarchs. They were selling it to him but I don’t know who he was delivering it to but my bets are the folks at the Kremlin.”

Alejandro is suddenly smitten with Erica. “Where have you been all my life young lady?”

Erica takes it as a compliment referencing her tasks for him so far, Osito sees it as a threat on something he wanted to claim.

To the brothers women were nothing more than objects to own and be tossed away wen they grow tired. However, this wasn’t just another pretty chick looking for money and a good time.

What made Alejandro even more excited is when Erica says, “So do you want me to go find Ivankov? Sell him the thumb drive?”

The twins look at each other at the same time, Alejandro’s mouth opens wide.

Before either one of them says anything she tells them, “I’m on it but I’ll need some cash.” 

“Cash is not a problem.” Alejandro is finally able to respond to her.

“As well as a credit card and a burner phone.” She adds.

“No problem.” He says, and “But do me a favor…don’t bring any body parts back.” He tells her with a wink.

The Merriam-Webster defines it well:

Chatter noun

1: the action or sound of chattering

2: idle talk : PRATTLE

3: electronic and especially radio communication between individuals engaged in a common or related form of activity, also : such chatter regarding future hostile activities

4: a person who participates in online chat

About two weeks after Erica’s meeting with Alejandro and Osito, Professor H. finishes up his report on all the chatter on El Triple Seis.  It confirms what she heard in the Sixers’ Hut, a certain Russian mobster, Ludwig Ivankov, was looking for a delivery of a thumb-drive. 

Erica is very familiar with Ivankov. A few years ago they met. The two had an affair and he also helped her with finding an Arab journalist who was staying at a hotel in Russia.  It was her task to assassinate him. She did as far as the Arabs knew. The journalist, however, is happy and alive, growing pumpkins on a farm he now owns in North Dakota.

Immediately after receiving the report Erica books a flight out of Mexico City to  Sheremetyevo International Airport, in Moscow, Russia.

Once there she checks into the Radisson Royal Hotel right in Moscow and sends a text.

“Hey, I’m at the Royal – in room 269.  I need a dinner guest.”

“Wow, I was thinking about you.  I fucking swear. Be there in about an hour.”

Erica smiles.  It’ll give her enough time to take a shower and put on his favorite.

About an hour and half later there is a call on Erica’s room phone.  The operator was advising her of a guest. She tells them to allow him up.  

He must have sprinted up the stairs because it was only moments later he was knocking on her door.

Erica looks through the peephole and sees Ivankov.  He looked as badass as ever. Her pussy begins to throb.

The door slowly opens with pretty little fingers and nails.  Red and sharp, just the way he likes them.

The door opens all of the way but no one is there, so he lets himself in.  The door closes behind him and he turns to behold a naked Erica. Well, mostly naked, as she is wearing a pair of red-velvet stilettos and a diamond clustered anklet which he gave to her at their last encounter. 

Ivankov takes off his jacket and throws it on the floor then turns towards her to swoop her up.

Erica digs her nails into his scalp as they kiss.  They kiss like lovers who haven’t seen each other in too long.  

After walking into the suite’s bedroom they lay on the king size bed for a while touching and kissing it isn’t long before Ivankov is naked and feeling the inside of her warm body.

No words are needed, their bodies did all of the talking and making up for lost time.

After they both enjoy a few orgasms they take a breather and ask each other how they are, and catch up on where they’ve been and who’ve they have assassinated.  

He finally asks her, “Did you miss me this much or are you on a job?”  

“You can say both. However, you must promise me something.”  Erica says to him.

“Oh, boy here comes the catch.”  Ivankov responds then pressing his lips onto hers, looking for her tongue.

After more tonsil hockey, she says to him, “I have a thumb-drive for you.”

Ivankov looks down at her flushed face, he smiles adoringly at her hoping it’s the thumb-drive he’s been waiting for…”Oh yea? What kind of thumb drive?”  He asks taking his hard shaft and slowing pushing it into Erica’s wet and swollen tunnel.

Erica digs her sharp nails into his back, pulling him into her deep and says in a getting-fucked-voice, “The one with the schematics.”  

Hearing this makes him fuck her harder, throwing her around onto her stomach to slap her ass, then fuck her from behind.

“Yes, yes!”  Erica yells as she clenches the sheets feeling his balls slap against her clit.

“Face down, ass up…that’s the way we like to fuck.”  Ivankov says to Erica quoting a song they used to sing and laugh about. Sounds funny in a Russian accent.

So after a night of sucking, fucking and a little bit of singing they  sleep well and awake to a sunny day.

“Good morning, beautiful.”  Ivankov says to Erica.

“Good morning, handsome.” Erica replies.

The bed cover over Ivankov raises.  Erica laughs and orders breakfast.

They keep themselves busy until breakfast arrives and as they eat Erica pulls a thumb-drive out of Ivankov’s ear.  “Something you expected but didn’t get from Tomas.”

Delighted by the trick he says to her, “Oh I fucking love when you pull thing out of my ear!”  He says to her taking the thumb-drive and kissing it.

“ Oh I’ve missed you, Erica. I miss your pretty smile and silliness so much.”  Ivankov says to her as a piece of egg spit out of his mouth and onto her cheek.

“Oh my.” He says to her taking the egg off of her cheek and putting into his mouth.  “It’s so much sweeter now.”

“So how long are you here for, my silly?” Ivankov asks.

“I’m only supposed to drop this off to you.  However, those who have my paycheck don’t know I’m here yet, so I have a couple of days.” Erica says to him.

“Well then let’s make the best of your visit! We never did anything we wanted to do when you were here last time.  Let’s do them finally. Like the Fine Arts Museum you wanted to go to. Let me take you there today.” Ivankov says to her with excitement knowing she’ll be there a few days now.

“Yes, I would like that.”  Erica answers him with a smile.

A couple of days turns into a week when Erica decides it is time to get back to Mexico.  After a passionate farewell, Erica leaves Russia. When she lands in Mexico City she calls Osito and tells him she met with Ivankov, handed over the thumb-drive and she now has $74 million in a secure account awaiting transfer instructions.  

“You are always full of fucking surprises, Erica.” Osito tells her after getting off the phone with her.  It makes him like her more.

Erica is happy to be home and takes a long bath.  As she soaks she calls James. 

“Professor H! All is delivered.”  She tells James.

James says to her, “Yes, we heard all the delivering the two of you made. Next time take the molar-mic out.”

“Oh yea, well. After the delivery the altered schematics and the virus should be in the hands of the Kremlin by now.”  Erica tells James.  

Suddenly she feels guilty for screwing over Ivankov.  She enjoyed him even though he was a ruthless killer. 

“How did El Jefe take the news?”  James asks her with a sarcastic, but funny, tone.

“Osito is very happy and I am sure El Jefe is, too, by now. I hope so. I’ve been a good girl for fuck sake.”  Erica says in jest.

“You are. So I am sending you some nanites in a syringe.  Inject the contents into Alejandro’s nose spray.” James instructs her.

“Awww those poor little guys.” Erica says about the nanites that will be swimming around in saline solution and eventually Alejandro’s nasal cavities.

James smiles and says to her, “Those little fuckers will help us keep track of Alejandro, among other things.”  The last part of that sentence he mumbles.

Erica stands up and reaches for a towel and knocks her cell phone down to the porcelain floor.  “Sooorrryyyy!” She says down at the phone on the floor careful not to drip on it.

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